The Choir takes its name from Gerberto d'Aurillac who has been Abbot of S. Colombano's Monastery in Bobbio around the year 1000 and he has subsequently become Pope with the name of Silvestro II.

Studious of astronomy, mathematics and philosophy but even of music, Gerberto was the inventor of the steam-organ. For this reason Don Michele Tosi, founder of the Choir in the 1967 year, called the Choir with the name of Gerberto to honor this personage.
The first public performance of the choir has been November 23, 1967.

In November 1998, the Gerberto Choir of Bobbio was re-established thanks to the constant dedication of ex-choir members and of the young Director Edo Mazzoni.

The repertory sung by the 30 members of the choir includes traditional “mountain” songs, international folk music and songs composed by modern artists which are arranged and harmonised by the Director whose intention is to involve all generations even the youngest.

The two most important concerts in which the choir proudly particpated where held in June 2001, November 2002 and September 2004 in Ybbs
Austria (Bobbio’s sister-town).

The choir also appeared in a short film entitled “Il Maestro di Coro” which was produced by the director Marco Bellocchio in his native town during the “Fare Cinema” review. This film was later shown in the “Torino Film Festival 2001”.

The choir organises the “Salve o mia montagna, ”Cori nel chiostro” and the "S. Steve Concert" reviews and participates in various concerts and festivals in
Italy and abroad.

In August 2004 the Choir produced its first audio Cd "Voci Suoni Poesie".